Ұoga and Ұou


I’ve been doing Hatha Yoga since I was eleven.  More to the point, I’ve been teaching it for over thirty years, so have seen – firsthand – the healing benefits.

When people say, “It’s never too late!”, this is not a snappy comeback or sales pitch, but the truth. Yoga is truly transformational.

Forget the ‘jumping yoga’ or the ‘hot yoga’ .. both of which are not found in the oldest Hatha Yoga texts. In fact, the first is influenced by British gymnastics, and the second is in direct conflict with the olde texts.

Every wonder why you don’t see a lot #Next50 athletes? It’s not for a lack of motivation or desire .. but often injury.   And that’s where yoga comes in.  The deep stretching of muscle, ligament, and tendons .. gently done .. is remarkably therapeutic.  Not only does it help with every day walking around, but keeps the senior athlete moving in whatever sport they choose.

On my #Next50Fit page on facebook, I post lots of links on active seniors and #successfulaging. One thing they all share? Yoga and stretching.

And don’t worry. Yoga is safe for seniors. Yet, all too often, one’s yoga instructor is a 20-something with loads of enthusiasm, so wants to do ‘jumping yoga’ and all the ‘pretzel poses’.

#RealYoga is not like that.

There are over twenty sitting poses in Real Yoga .. so my classes start right there:  Sitting.   In fact, in my classes, we are on the floor for 20-30 minutes.  Also something both traditional and functional.  The best way to stretch and release tension is laying down, because there is no concern of falling.

What we need, living as we are during the Next 50 years of our life, is movement without strain.   Its low- to no-impact movement reduces the risk of injury while increasing overall health.   The same program that also promotes recovery.

Next is increased flexibility.  You know .. simply Range Of Motion stuff, like getting into and out of your car, or navigating stairs.  My yoga classes approach this issue head-on by focusing on spinal flexibility.  Keeping that area pliable, which further improves total-body circulation, is vital to everyday life and living.

Now, lets talk the two big Next 50 issues: Bone Density and Muscle Mass. Both are something that comes with where we are now in life. Yoga has been shown – in medical studies – to effectively prevent and/or slow down bone density loss.

Finally, there is the mental component. Yoga is perhaps most notable for its stress relieving attributes. Sitting . Breathing . Gentle Stretching = Calm and Peace of Mind.

Join me for a Yoga class .. no contract or commitment .. just drop-in for 5$ .. to reap the life-transforming benefits.

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