Ƞext 50 ɵn Ƒacebook

Find Next 50 on Facebook!

Not every topic deserves an entire blog post.

Which is where facebook comes in; it allows me to share a quick comment and link.

Find Next 50 on Facebook!

Overall: More than anything, the Internet is being weighed down with mis-information on nutrition and fitness.   Because its important to me that I don’t waste my time on pseudo-science, I figure its important to you as well.  So, both here and on my facebook page, you will find verifiable and/or long-standing sources on Successful Aging.

So that .. If there is a science link to support the nutrition or fitness formation I research, I will share.    And if you find a better link or source .. please feel free to share!

Right now, there are some amazing medical breakthroughs being made.  And the Internet is here for us to share what we learn.  I consider it an excellent tool for self-improvement, and communication.

I’m a busy woman .. and I know you are busy as well .. none of us have time for mis-information.   So please visit the Next 50 page .. then LIKE, SAVE, and Share!  Let’s make it our one-stop page to get the latest and most accurate health information!

This is the best time to be Next 50!

Share Deliberately!



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